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Embrace Chaos is an artistic directive of human connections that uses suspension to facilitate life-changing experiences and document the beauty contained within them. We create moments in space in which the human body is free of the bonds of gravity and is in its most vulnerable yet powerful form. The act of suspension is a physically painful and emotional event that conveys the essence of the suspendee’s experience. At its core, Embrace Chaos is the collective experience of suspension artists around the world creating memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

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Jun 11 2016

Jeanelle Mastema Coum-unity of Temple of Psychic Youth Interview

A never-released interview between 'Coum-unity' a part of Temple of Psychic Youth and Jeanelle Mastema in 2013. This interview is from Mastema’s personal archives and she has given us permission to publish it on EmbraceChaos.com  1. Could you tell us a little about your history and how you first got into performance? When did you do your first suspension and what made you decide to make it a focus of your work? Well, I was born in 1984 and raised in the Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles area, a...

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Ink Master Season 8 Finale
Dec 08 2016

Ink Master Season 8 Finale

https://embracechaos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/InkMaster.mp4 Dave Navarro and the Producers of Ink Master asked us to fly to New York in December of 2016 to suspend Dave for the Season 8 Finale. Due to the actual likelihood of the network letting the suspension be aired, it was kept under wraps what we were there to...

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EDGE Club at Sanctuary Studios
Jan 15 2017

EDGE Club at Sanctuary Studios

January 14, 2017 Embrace Chaos Suspensions hosted EDGE Club at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The event was an upscale night of Suspension Art Immersion and Interaction. The evening opened with a bondage suspension...

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ABOVE GROUND With Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison
Mar 15 2018

ABOVE GROUND With Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison

We are happy to announce that Embrace Chaos is joining forces with ABOVE GROUND on April 16th at The Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.Presented by Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and Billy Morrison (Billy Idol) who will join forces with their musician friends and special guest performers, this immersive evening of art and music will celebrate the vinyl album as an art...