Embrace Chaos Suspensions
About Us

Embrace Chaos is an artistic directive of human connections that uses suspension to facilitate life-changing experiences and document the beauty contained within them. We create moments in space in which the human body is free of the bonds of gravity and is in its most vulnerable yet powerful form. The act of suspension is a physically painful and emotional event that conveys the essence of the suspendee’s experience. At its core, Embrace Chaos is the collective experience of suspension artists around the world creating memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

(c) Embrace Chaos Suspensions, 2018

January 14, 2017 Embrace Chaos Suspensions hosted EDGE Club at Sanctuary Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The event was an upscale night of Suspension Art Immersion and Interaction. The evening opened with a bondage suspension performed by Dahlia Datura and rigged by Meister Schmerz and Doug Smode. The piercing and rigging was performed in the middle of the audience while guests relaxed in a lounge style atmosphere enjoying the show. The speed of the evening sped up with Meister Schmerz giving the strict "no phone policy" speech and ceremoniously smashing an attendees phone on stage for all to see. He then invited everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves during the evening. From there the evening delved into controlled mayhem by the Embrace Chaos Crew. Three scarification artists led by Dana Dinius performed a skin removal collaboration and the Embrace Chaos crew created another hook and bondage suspension performed by Sarah McNeilly. In between all of the piercing and scalpel work the crew found time to invite the audience on stage to participate in a hook pull and the stage soon broke into a ten person hook pull led by Doug Smode. Join to Embrace Chaos Mailing List to be informed of upcoming events.