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Embrace Chaos is the documentation of the collective experience of suspension artist Matt Brawley. Working primarily in the mediums of flesh hooks and hemp rope using the human body as a canvas, experiences are created and ordeals are orchestrated to achieve an intended outcome.


(c) Embrace Chaos, 2018

On December 30, 2017 we had the privilege of collaborating with Sheree Rose, Martin O'Brien, and Ron Athey for the performance of The Ascension. This event was hosted by the energetically charged Jason Vass Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. The Gallery exhibited the works of Sheree Rose and Martin O'Brien along with dozens of items of significance that once belonged to the Performance Artist Bob Flannagan. The performance began with the procession through the gallery of latex clad nuns. Martin O'Brien was Baptized by Ron "The Baptist" Athey and laid at the feet of Sheree Rose for the Sermon. Martin was then lead to the kneeling position for the facilitation of The Ascension where the hooks were pierced into his back. Martin ascended from his hooks and was later joined in suspension holding Sheree in the air with his embrace. The performance ended with Martin being brought to the ground where he was consoled by Sheree while he processed his experience.

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